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Cheerful fellowship and heavenly syrup delight generations

Envision for a moment your idea of what the perfect down-home, small town experience might be like…imagine the interaction with family and friends, strangers who become friends quickly, worn wooden chairs next to a heated stove, comfort, warmth and lots of fellowship. Now intertwine the aroma of warm maple syrup, the sublime taste of maple […]

A scandalous new twist to an authentic Irish treat

With a name like Colleen Maguire, it’s pretty obvious I’m Irish.  Now that I’ve established my  heritage (and therefore, trustworthiness), can I speak for most folks of Irish descent on a couple of issues? First, and most importantly, we don’t mind that you want to participate in St. Patrick’s Day. In fact – we love […]

Tantalizing options for ME Restaurant Week that you need to know

I’m so excited!  It’s the time of year that some marketing genius decided was best to brighten the dark (especially this year) days of winter and hip-deep snow with culinary delights that’ll knock your Carhartt’s off. Brilliant – and appreciated. Maine Restaurant Week 2015! Okay, so it should be called “Maine Restaurant Two Weeks” or […]