A scandalous new twist to an authentic Irish treat

With a name like Colleen Maguire, it’s pretty obvious I’m Irish.  Now that I’ve established my  heritage (and therefore, trustworthiness), can I speak for most folks of Irish descent on a couple of issues? First, and most importantly, we don’t mind that you want to participate in St. Patrick’s Day. In fact – we love […]

The hypnotic danger of ‘no questions asked’

It won’t be a surprise to anyone to say that I am passionate about farm-to-table products/education and long-term sustainability in agriculture (among many other things).  I believe in moderation and balance in all things. I wholeheartedly endorse shopping locally, educating consumers and knowing the basics of growing your own food naturally. But what does farm-to-table […]

A woman’s day you never knew existed, but should

International Women’s Day is on March 8th. Believe it or not, it became an official working-class holiday 105 years ago. (Why haven’t I heard of this before, and why is this not a national holiday in the United States? C’mon Hallmark!) On March 8, 1857, garment workers went on strike in New York City demanding 10 […]

Tantalizing options for ME Restaurant Week that you need to know

I’m so excited!  It’s the time of year that some marketing genius decided was best to brighten the dark (especially this year) days of winter and hip-deep snow with culinary delights that’ll knock your Carhartt’s off. Brilliant – and appreciated. Maine Restaurant Week 2015! Okay, so it should be called “Maine Restaurant Two Weeks” or […]

Ravenous ‘Veloci-teens’ Wipe Out Pantries Across State

So these past few weeks have been super-money-saving, crazy, I-feel-bad-for-the-cashiers-at-Shaws couponing months.  Check out my friend Ally’s page, More Bang(or) For Your Buck for details, tips, laughs and tricks from a Couponing Queen.  Needless to say, I got some great deals this week. I had an overstock of coupons for the Essential Everyday products.  These […]