About This Blog

Welcome to The Yankee Gourmet blog!

Here in Maine, we are known for our resourcefulness, frugality, for being rugged and hardworking and incredibly independent. There’s also a generations-deep pragmatism, and sense of community and helpfulness that is just as deeply ingrained in who we are publicly as well as privately.

For us, food and meals are more than sustenance – it’s an event, an art, a form of communication and a social microcosm all it’s own.

Many Mainers either are, have been, know or are related to a farmer of some styling. Because our growing season is so short and the climate and terrain a challenge, we’ve developed unique foods and recipes over the years.

Here at the Yankee Gourmet, we’ll talk about locally sourced and seasonal products, balanced meals, cooking tools, methods and skills, as well as traditional and not-so-traditional Maine recipes.

Grab a Moxie and let’s make some wicked good food!