10 Ravenous reasons to lust after breathtaking cupcakes

That little delicacy known as a cupcake has become so popular over the last few years it even has its own holiday.  That’s right – today, June 13th, is officially “Cupcake Lovers Day”.


There are some mixed opinions as to how they were named – was it because they were baked in cups or measured by the cup? No matter, they are still a trendy and sumptuous treat for all ages.


Here are ten reasons for you to love cupcakes, in case you need more convincing:

  1. Cupcakes are convenient. They cook faster, cool faster and there doesn’t have to be anything fancy about them, people will still love them.
  2. There are entire bakeries, books, television shows, magazines and careers devoted to the love of cupcakes.
  3. There are soooo many choices.  No matter what your taste, dietary restrictions or allergies – you can find a cupcake you can eat.

  4. They are individually portioned already, so there is no need to share with anyone.
  5. They are delicious year round. Cupcakes are just as good in June as they are in December.
  6. They are stylish.  Cupcakes can be casual for everyday eating or exquisite for those special, more formal occasions.
  7. They are portable.  They are the perfect size for eating on the run, saving for later or shoving in your mouth whole.
  8. No cutting and estimating.  Everyone gets the same size, the same decorations and the same amount of icing.
  9. You can relive your childhood for two minutes.
  10. There are no calories in cupcakes.  Okay, that’s not exactly true, but there are far fewer calories in one cupcake than in an entire cake or pie. It’s easier to treat yourself in moderation.





C.R. Maguire

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